The relationship between the Kansas National Guard and DoD STARBASE is a remarkable one. We are proud to help DoD STARBASE provide hours of hands-on learning for 4th, 5th, and 6th graders to apply science, technology, engineering and math concepts, or STEM to daily life. More than 200 school districts from 53 counties have participated in the Kansas DoD STARBASE program since 1993. With this amazing youth program, we have reached more than 60,000 students in Kansas.

The DoD STARBASE program addresses state standards for math and science curriculum, and is designed to help augment what schools with limited resources are able to offer students. The lessons and activities are structured to reach children of all learning styles. To accommodate the growing demand for additional STEM programs, they are working with local schools to provide DoD STARBASE 2.0 for middle school students, giving them a structured after school program.

The instructors at DoD STARBASE strive to help youth overcome adversity and understand the importance of obtaining jobs in the future. DoD STARBASE provides the opportunity for 4th-6th graders to be exposed to positive role models found on our military bases and installations. Pilots, aircraft mechanics, and other military personnel teach youth about working in STEM- related jobs. DoD STARBASE students in Kansas have the opportunity to tour a KC-135 refueling Jet, UH-60 Black Hawk, HET vehicles, and fire departments at their respective sites. Pilots and crew chiefs often aide in the instruction of Forces of Flight and Bernoulli’s Principle. Our military volunteers teach students about the importance of their jobs, not only on base, but in the community as well.

With the tremendous impact DoD STARBASE has had on our local youth, I encourage the ongoing utilization of the DoD STARBASE programs to improve our children’s learning experience and interest in science, technology, engineering and math. The Kansas National Guard will continue to support this great program, and we look forward to a positive future for DoD STARBASE and its students.

Lee Tafanelli
Major General, The Adjutant General 

What They're Saying

“It was scientific and fun. My favorite things were the straw rockets and LEGO robots.” —M. Blankenship, Student, Central Elementary