Colton Horne

I am currently a senior at Baldwin High School and am a team member of the Real World Design Team as well. I attended STARBASE when I was in 5th Grade at Marion Springs Elementary School.

I grew up on a farm and that is basically all I knew at that time. Cattle and the country fair were my biggest activities. Then, I attended STARBASE and was taught about the basics of physics and chemistry. During my time at STARBASE, I was fortunate enough to be able to build a rocket. That’s when I went home and told my parents about rocketry, and they allowed me to transform the basement into my “rocket building shop.”

I have built several custom rockets from my designs. My interest for Rocketry turned into engineering and building just about anything. This allowed me to get interested in shop classes, and I was taught to weld. I use my skills in welding for work on the farm, and I also weld for other farmers for a side job during the summer or on weekends during the school year. So, I can easily say that STARBASE struck my interest in engineering and technology. I am also pursuing the Naval Academy to serve my country and hopefully give back to my country for what it has given to me. The freedom to learn and be educated about anything I choose is amazing. 

What They're Saying

“Well I talk about how cool and fun it is so my mom came even.” —L. DeDonder, Student, Garfield Upper Elementary